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Instruments We Play:

Stringed Instruments:
   Hammer Dulcimer (dulci + melos = sweet music)
   Balalaika (bal-uh-like-uh) Russian in origin
   Autoharp (automatic for those needing help in chording)
   Bowed Psaltery - mentioned in the Psalm's by David
   Guitar - John has two; one for strumming, one for pickin'
   Bouzouki - Greek, anything with strings similar to a mandolin
   Mountain Dulcimers (also known as Lap or Appalachian dulcimers)
   Octave Mandolin - a large, fat mandolin
   Cuatros Guitar (quatros gee-tar) - for Puerto Rican mountain music (which we don't play)

Wind Instruments:
   Sweetheart Flute - much like a tin whistle only made of wood
   Soprano Recorder - high pitched nice sound, made of rosewood
   Tenor Recorder - large, haunting mellow sound similar to an Indian flute
   Ocarina - clay "soap on a rope" with a beautiful whistle sound
   Jaw Harp (also known as a juice harp, depending on how much ya spit when ya play)

Rhythm/Percussion Instruments:
   Bodhran (bow-ran) - Irish drum, played with a wood "tipper" (no relation to Al)
   Bones - made of various woods - purple heart, walnut, wenge
   Tambourine - standard equipment for praise music
   Washboard - pronounced warsh-bored, emphasis on the "r"
   Spoons - wooden "sporks" and relish spoons - ask us the story!
Chickatas (cha-kee-tahs) - tiny little maracas with a cute shaker sound
   Keyboard - used for whatever sounds we can't get from all the others
Organ - just learning and getting started, ads a nice touch for certain events
Piano - great with guitar especially for background music

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